October 21, 2015

Bloomingdale's Gears Up for Ala Moana Opening with First Ever 40 Carrots Truck Oahu Tour

Bloomindale’s is making a big splash in Oahu with a first-ever  40 Carrots frozen yogurt truck in celebration of the new Bloomingdale’s Ala Moana location slated to open on November 12th
To introduce the brand to the community, Bloomingdale’s has amped up a Hawaiian themed frozen yogurt truck packed with six different flavors and an array of toppings.  Visitors to the truck will receive a complimentary serving with a topping of their choice.  The truck debuts on October 8th and will be making appearances at local food festivals, tourist hot spots, and much more throughout the rest of 2015 to drum up excitement for the Ala Moana store.
40 Carrots has been serving its world famous frozen yogurt to generations of shoppers since 1975.  The special recipe continues to delight with over five million servings consumed by legions of frozen yogurt connoisseurs.  Alongside its mobile counterpart, 40 Carrots will have a permanent home in the new Bloomingdale’s Ala Moana location serving a chef-driven upscale interpretation of local Hawaiian Cuisine under the direction of renowned local chef, Jon Matsubara.
Here is a tentative schedule of the truck’s tour:
                        October 21st        Markers and Tasters
                        October 22nd       Stu’s Canoes Kailua Beach
                        October 23rd        Aulani Disney Resort and Spa
                        October 24th            Lanikai Beach Lunch Shift,
                                                    Street Grindz College Nights Kick Off Event
                        October 25th            Kids Fest
                        October 28th            Makers and Tasters
                        October 29th            Stu’s Canoes Kailua Beach
                        October 30th            Eat the Street!
                        October 31st            The ZA
                        November 4th       Makers and Tasters
                        November 5th          Aulani Disney Resort and Spa, Stu’s Canoes Kailua Beach
                        November 6th          First Friday Chinatown
                        November 7th          Lanikai Beach Lunch Shift
                        November 11th    15th Aloha Landing at Sheraton Waikiki
                                                     Bloomingdale’s Grand Opening Week at Ala Moana
                        November 18th       Makers and Tasters
                        November 19th      North Shore/Turtle Bay Resort Surf Event
                        November 20th      Thanksgiving Golf Classic
                                                    Aloha Landing at Sheraton Waikiki
                        November 21st      Honolulu Night Market
                        November 22nd     Aulani Disney Resort and Spa
                        November 27th      Eat the Street!
                        November 28th      Lanikai Beach Lunch Shift


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  1. How fun is this? I love the concept and the truck itself! You lucky girl!