April 15, 2015

Mastey Hair Care

Disclosure:  The products below were received free of charge for review purposes. 

Mastey hair products are eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients and plant-based moisturizers, leaving your hair feeling very soft and silky.  Because of my hair type, I am very particular about the shampoos and conditioners I use.  It’s hard for me to find products that actually leave my hair feeling soft, without tangles.  I was very impressed with Mastey.  I could already tell when I started to use it that I would love it.  I also love the leave-in conditioner.  It didn’t feel sticky, like other leave-in conditioners do.  My hair is straight, but sometimes I like the look of soft curls.  The volumizing foam is perfect for that.  It adds volume and includes argan oil and olive oil so it protects your hair from thermal damage.

Mastey products provide the following:
100%  Vegan:  Made with absolutely no animal based products!
No PPD: Less irritation or allergic reactions.
No Ammonia:  Ammonia can damage hair. 
Rich in Antioxidants:  Includes grape seed extract to our line of hair color and products, which means longer lasting color.
For more information visit http://www.mastey.com/.

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  1. wow.. a really clean brand! love the less chemicals! :D

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  2. Wow it's vegan
    Never heard of it

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  3. Sounds perfect! Thanks for the review love :)

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  4. I'm a huge fan of vegan products, hope to try them soon!
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  5. Oh very interesting products


  6. I totally need the volumizing foam! My Asian hair is too flat sometimes haha.


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